UK Vibe Mix: Modern Jazz


Jamie Saft Quartet – Landrace
Jeff Denson – 21st Century Blues
Dave Wilson Quartet – Untitled Modal Tune
Rich Halley – Centripetal
Ville Vannemaa – Hurry Up
Matías Dabanch Cuarteto – Transición
Fabio Tullio – Asterischi vari
Curtis Nowosad – Never Forget What They Did to Fred Hampton
Scatter The Atoms That Remain – Vishvapura
Joshua Redman Quartet – How We Do
Jerry Bergonzi – 5th Ray: Knowledge
Herlin Riley – Borders Without Lines
Dann Zinn – Day of Reckoning
Johnathan Blake – One For Honor
Steve Davis – Inner Glimpse
Benjamin Boone – They Feed They Lion
Tobias Wiklund – Dancing to the Drum of No Conscience
Miguel Gorodi Nonet – Not Nicest Memo