Tom Green Septet ‘Skyline’ (Spark!) 4/5

tom-green-septetAmongst the new releases that I have listened to so far, “Skyline” is simply a jewel. The septet’s debut album was launched at the small but cosy St James’s Studio in Palace Street in London last Thursday, 29th January. Tom’s band step onto the stage, eager to play, perhaps a bit nervous, but wow, what a sound and what melodies. Their sound is energetic, vibrant and yet gentle enough in parts to allow for some dreaming… Incredible playing by Sam Miles on tenor saxophone, Matthew Herd on alto & soprano saxophone and James Davison on trumpet. Misha Mullov-Abbado on double bass: his playing reminds me a little bit of John Edwards. Micha’s double bass is magic and melancholic at the same time. “Equilibrium”, some sad tones there, but it expands into a beautiful crescendo perfectly executed. “Arctic sun”, how lovely to listen to such a refreshing tune: strong in sound and yet melodious enough to move. Tom Green on trombone playing: pure, passionate and full of promise. Most loved track: “Winter halo”. Subtle perfection. The band plays with such unity and mellifluous ease, “Skyline” is here to be enjoyed and played over and over and over….

Erminia Yardley