Vibronics ‘Woman On A Mission’ (SCOOPS) 5/5

Over a couple of decades on the scene and with an already very healthy back catalogue and collaborative history, presented here is the superb new long player from the underground reggae and dub heavyweight, Vibronics, an album with an all female cast of vocalists entitled ‘Woman On A Mission’.

This album contains that treasure known as the extended mix, where every vocal piece effortlessly flows into its dub version, like the good old 12″ vinyl reggae platters from many moons past, thus my ears were delighted whilst listening through the opening track from this album, a digital lovers rock flavoured piece called ‘All Sisters Unite’ -with the vocal tones of Nia Songbirdand its belly rumble big bass sound- as it soared into its dub version, the quality of the mixdown, production and the delivery of Nia’s vocal is quite frankly outstanding and this quality continues unabated throughout this extended set with all the guest vocalists shining on their respective tracks, like the next piece, ‘Each One Teach One’, a cool rootsy swayer featuring a soulful vocal from Nish Wadada followed by the digital steppers vibe of ‘Rise Up’, with a double tracked harmony style vocal which is then dubbed to glory in its extended mixdown, a heavy-duty floor filler of a tune and I would imagine a big crowd pleaser at any half decent ‘soirée dans un chapiteau’.

Hailing from Leicester, England, Vibronics has been entertaining underground and uptown ears since the 1990s with a heavy-duty reggae and dub catalogue spanning 60 plus titles, including the long running ‘Scoop’ vinyl singles series produced by Vibronics from the early 2000s that featured a variety of vocal collaborators such as Murry Man, Echo Ranks, Lutan Fyah, madu, Bushchemists and other luminaries of that period, and all complete with their ‘version’ on the flip side as any good reggae vinyl single should. His experience as a producer and mixdown specialist stands in good sted and one can really apreciate this moreso when listening to the tune that is, ‘Peaceful Warriors’, most particularly as it journeys through its extended version segment with -the wonderfully named- Sis I-Leen’s voice being put through the effects unit in fine musical dub passion – it’s another floor filler. The whole set gels together as a complete and also every single tune shines as a ‘stand alone’ at the same time, is as strong and potent as the last one played, that is quite a rarity these days, absolutely no filler.

A quote from Vibronics “In this project, we are focusing on women, specifically women in music, literally providing a voice for their cause. It is no secret that, even today, women face all kinds of obstacles on their way to equality, yet many are quick to dismiss that fact”.

A message for unification, a compassionate plea, a stunning reggae album. A percentage of profits from sales will go to the charity Womankind. Availabe as double vinyl LP and CD Digipak from April, and of course at various download and stream stores now.

Gibsy Rhodes