Cecilia Stalin @ 606

Words: Erminia Yardley
Photos: Carl Hyde


The 606 Club in London offered a precious little gem in the shape of Cecilia Stalin on Sunday night (1st February). Apart from being gorgeously photogenic, Cecilia exudes such charm and talent, one is blown away.

The band that accompanies her on the night is made out of:
Alex Bennett – keyboards
Tom Mason – bass
Laurie Lowe – drums
Ed Riches – guitar
Tello Morgado – percussions


“The Story of Love” opens the show – title track from the new EP. This is a suave sounding tune. The crowd is drawn in, we want more. Cecilia sings with such clarity and freshness. It is the perfect opening tune. “Boogaloo Boy” is another fabulous track, full of cheer and sung with verve. Cecilia has such magic in her eyes, under the soft lights of the club, the vibes of the tune and her charisma create a unique blend. “Baby, this love I have” is a dark mellow groove that puts the audience in a chilled mood. The bass lines are simply slick-perfect. There is such a good atmosphere in the air, that even in the dark shadows of the club, one can still see the audience keeping the tempo. “A shining star” from Cecilia’s “Step like a giant” album gets the crowd really going and suddenly we are all humming the tune or singing along. Two more tracks till the first set ends (and alas the time I have to leave as well). A dark rendition of “No room for doubts” leaves you thinking of love as a shattering force and something that can be felt in Cecilia’s beautiful voice. Then “He loves you” comes on. A cover of Seawind’s original, and what a track to end the first part of the show. Cecilia gets the crowd in with her powerful vocal range. Simply stunning. A special mention to Tello Morgado on percussions and Ed Riches on guitar. Pivotal on the night.

Stalin + 606 = Lethal combo.

More again please!


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