Kevin Ward

I am born and raised in Loughborough which as you all know is the birthplace of Viv Prince, the legendary deranged stick man of The Pretty Things. At my childhood home, the music is mainly Beatles, Hollies, Stones, Cliff Richard and obvious 70s rock like E.L.O. and Genesis. During yet another Rock n’Roll revival, I inherit the old Bush portable record player and access to some of my folk’s old 45s. I start wearing bootlace ties and listen to Duane Eddy, Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry plus Stray Cats but unfortunately not Shaky.

Living just ten or so miles from Castle Donington, the home of Monsters Of Rock, I inevitably succumb to the charms of ‘bludgeon riffola’. Suddenly I avoid barber shops, dig crates of second-hand records and get myself a bass guitar with a big amp. It’s pretty much strictly metallic for a while and it’s still beloved but soon constrains like spandex pants. I hear James Jameson and gain a greater appreciation of those old Motown records. Players like Jaco, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller open up jazzy possibilities. I also discover the mighty Fishbone, who inspire with their musical adventures.

I become a musical explorer. I enthuse over the vibrant UK jazz and Acid Jazz scene of the late 80s/90s and learn from Trane, Miles, Mingus and the other masters. I join Sly and Uncle Jam on ‘Field Maneuvers’. I identify a fellow traveller in Bill Laswell’s ‘collision music’. Cleary defined musical genres now become fuzzy and irrelevant. Other mentions along the way for Curtis Mayfield, Peter Tosh, The Pharcyde, Todd Rundgren, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, minimalists, Caetano Veloso, Erkin Koray, Laibach, Cleveland Watkiss’ Project 23, etc. The journey continues…

Outside of enjoying all these beautiful tunes, I’m a code monkey by day and support City (Leicester not Man) when I can. You foxes!

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Kevin Ward

Astral Travelling Since 1993