Ditch The Shitstem


Ditch The Shitstem…and run like f**k

Every time I hear the word independence, I instantly hear the words “we’re independent” the chorus of Derrick Morgan’s 1962 Independence Victory Ska classic “Forward March”, a tune from my youth.
Jamaica too faced the choice of independence from colonial rule; in 1962, they voted for Independence.

I am also seeing the current Westminster establishment as having a negative effect on Scotland, reminding me of Peter Tosh’s word for the System; “The Shitstem”. The dirty tricks of the No campaign and media outlets have made an un equal playing field in the run up to these elections.

“As it was designed by Jah was my creator who sent me here to help alleviate the shitstem, to tame the fate of corruption which my people have been inoculated with, it is only my duty to teach those who will learn.” Peter Tosh

There is a mass of “Politrickal” propaganda and fear coming from the establishment who have joined forces against the yes vote to thwart Scotland’s leap of hope.

Unexpectently a new generation of Scots and grass roots n culture movements are seeing through the “tricknology” as Peter Tosh put it, they want real change, not the same “Shitstem” or Shitus Quo.

Forward March!
Mark Wallace 2014