Baked Beans Means Music 1996


Now let’s see….
If you pull it that way…will it!?
Or may be if you push it that way. can it!?
And if u speak like that
Will you sell a few units more
Like the big tins of baked beans
Means selling dozens of millions by the score.
Take out the words and submit all feelings
Leave in a hook
A familiar
“Dum dum dum dum dum!”
And check on the ratings
So you say
A sample may save it
‘Just make sure she is black and sounds like Aretha
In the video push her in the back
‘Cos people don’t need to see her.’

It’s the tip of the top of the pop
Just like selling things to tourists
Tacky post cards, sun tan oil and
freaky deaky
Flexible flip flops.
The tip of the top of the pop of the drop
Watch yourself
One day you can be way up there…
Just a full stop.

© haji mike Cyprus, summer 1995.