Corrie Dick ‘Impossible Things’ (Chaos Collective) 3/5

corrie-dickGlaswegian drummer Corrie Dick studied music at the Glasgow Conservatoire and has travelled to North and West Africa to listen carefully to the manner in which the drum is deployed there. Now resident in London, his debut recording is as much folk influenced as it is by jazz and features various female guest vocalists including Alice Zawadzki, with some world beats bubbling just underneath the surface. As well as being a musician, Dick is co-founder of the indie label and the collective gained useful live experience in November, performing at the Jackdaw Jazz Café in London. Stylistically, the group weave in and out of styles and this is illustrated on the free-form intro to the title track that then morphs into a vocal plus piano number that is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s, ‘Alice in Wonderland’. The drummer’s travels are alluded to on ‘Annamarakech’ which has something of a jazz-fusion feel with trumpet solo and layered keyboards, and a rolling drum to propel the number. In a more reflective mood, ‘King William walk’ is a tribute to Dick’s father and, with the use of flute and fiddles, hints at Scottish folk music before fusing into a folk meets jazz piece that takes a little time to get used to. If the whole has yet to gel into a cohesive, individual sound, that will surely come in time with future recordings and greater exposure to how jazz and other beats can effectively blend together.

Tim Stenhouse