Ganesh Geymeier ‘Kailasha’ CD (QFTF) 5/5

We all have to meet expectations. For some of us, it is easier to deal with this, for others, they struggle. But we all reach a point where we ask ourselves: What expectations should we meet? What to thrive for and who to ignore. What is true in life is true in art.

As a musician, composer and human, Ganesh Geymeier for sure had many things expected from him. By others and by himself. His second album arises with him becoming a father. A time of change, struggle, expectations and hope. ‘Kalisasha’ is a very personal piece of music. Geymeier dedicates songs to his family, which is obviously personal. But far more intimate is his connection to Kailasha, a mountain in the far Himalayas. Kailasha carries deep religious and spiritual meaning in both Hinduism and Buddhism. The mountain holds tales and myths. Geymeier’s compositions and sound draw from that spirit. All songs are rich in storytelling and colour. Dramatic and demanding. Impactful and deep. The ensemble consists of a rhythm section, Geymeier on tenor saxophone and strings.

Geymeier avoids all cliches. No dull or cheesy string arrangements. He also keeps a content musical-intention during this concert recording – which might be the only thing to nit-pick. This lovely designed and recorded Vinyl at times lacks unpredictability. And here is the twist. What would you expect a jazz critic to write?
That! Criticising style, rather than intention. Talking about sound and not about music… ‘Kailasha’ is a cinematic escape, alive in a timeless moment. Set in motion through a deep and personal approach to music. Listen to this and ask yourself: What did you expect? What do you expect?


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