Snazzback ‘In The Place’ LP/Dig (Worm Discs) 4/5

‘In The Place’ is the new album from Snazzback – the eclectic septet hailing from Bristol whose new album is released through Worm Discs.

Since the release of the band’s debut full-length ‘Hedge’ in 2019, the Snazzback sound was established very early on as one that drew from multiple influences but, at the same time, didn’t find itself rooted to any one style. But even their initial dalliances into the realms of neo-soul and left-of-centre jazz – which are beautifully presented through the seven tracks that comprise ‘Hedge’ – has found their sound significantly evolve when now examining the music on the band’s sophomore album release.

Dubbed “new wave dancefloor instrumentalists”, there’s more of an explorative nature to the band’s music that’s fascinating to hear unfold through the album’s repeated listens. The lengthy and more meaty tracks on ‘In The Place’ are punctuated by shorter interlude-style compositions that are like mini-experiments in their own right. Through tracks like the cinematic electro sonics of ‘Drunq Choirs’ to the nostalgia-laden ‘Whirlpools’, it’s almost as if the intention is to see just how far they can stretch their “new wave dancefloor” aesthetic in these moments before they give way to some of the epic ten-minute compositions (‘Reading’ and ‘Triangle’) that really afford Snazzback the freedom to explore their full arsenal.

‘In The Place’ boasts some strong vocal contributions from rapper Soss who provides a nice hip-hop edge to ‘Snazzual’, spoken word artist Solomon OB makes a strong contribution to the haunting introspection of ‘Ponder’ and fellow Worm Discs label mate, vocalist China Bowls, graces four of the album’s tracks with her presence following a similarly strong contribution to the band’s ‘Hedge’ debut. Herself poised for great things, China Bowls really excels when backed by the incredible soundscapes that Snazzback provide making her contribution to ‘In The Pace’ invaluable.

The release of ‘In The Place’ is aptly timed as the UK finds itself on the verge of being restriction-free following the extensive Covid-related quarantine periods that dominated our lives since March 2020. Snazzback’s commitment to performing live is a passion that will find itself realised as the album’s accompanying UK tour will afford listeners the complete “Snazzback” experience. With past live performances at Glastonbury, Shambala and Boomtown along with a weekly residency at Gallimaufry – a venue notable for its supporting of innovative, young, Bristol-based talent – Snazzback’s music finds its second life on the stage and would prove an unrivalled live experience for anyone fortunate enough to catch the “new wave dancefloor instrumentalists”.

Imran Mirza

UK Tour Dates and tickets available here
21st July – Strange Brew, Bristol
22nd July – The Cornish Bank, Falmouth
23rd July – Patchwork Studios, nr Plymouth
30th July – Brunel Goods Shed, Stroud
4th August – The Crescent, York
5th August – YES Basement, Manchester
6th August – Assembly House, Leeds
7th August – The Jago, London