Notable Deaths 2020

Wolfgang Dauner, 84, German jazz pianist and composer

Listen to our celebration of Wolfgang here:

Wallace Roney, 59, American jazz trumpeter

Listen to our celebration of Wallace Roney here:

Abdel Aziz El Mubarak, 69, Sudanese singer
Aldo Bassi, 58, Italian jazz trumpeter
Allan Botschinsky, 80, Danish jazz trumpeter and flugelhornist
Andrew White, 78, American jazz saxophonist
Andy González, 69, American jazz and Latin dance bassist
Annie Ross, 89, British-American jazz singer
Apple Gabriel, 64, Jamaican reggae singer
Aurlus Mabélé, 66, Congolese singer

Barbara Martin, 76, American singer
Betty Bennett, 98, American jazz and big band singer
Betty Wright, 66, American soul and R&B singer
Big Al Carson, 66, American blues singer
Big George Brock, 87, American blues harmonicist and singer
Bill Smith, 93, American jazz clarinetist and composer
Bill Withers, 81, American Hall of Fame singer-songwriter
Bob Andy, 75, Jamaican reggae singer
Bob Northern, 86, American jazz French hornist
Bonnie Pointer, 69, American singer
Bootsie Barnes, 82, American jazz saxophonist
Bucky Pizzarelli, 94, American jazz guitarist

Cándido Camero, 99, Cuban jazz percussionist
Cano Estremera, 62, Puerto Rican salsa singer
Carlos José, 85, Brazilian singer-songwriter
Charlie Persip, 91, American jazz drummer
Chip White, 73, American jazz drummer
Claude Bolling, 90, French pianist
Claude Ndam, 65, Cameroonian singer-songwriter
Cleveland Eaton, 80, American jazz bassist

Damir Kukuruzović, 45, Croatian jazz guitarist
Daniel ‘MF Doom’ Dumile, 49, British born rapper
Danny Ray Thompson, 72, American jazz musician
David Corrêa, 82, Brazilian singer-songwriter
Delroy Washington, 67, British-Jamaican reggae singer
D. J. Rogers, 72, American soul singer and producer
Dobby Dobson, 78, Jamaican reggae singer and record producer
Donn Trenner, 93, American jazz pianist
Don Burrows, 91, Australian jazz musician
Don Weller, 79, English jazz saxophonist
Dulce Nunes, 90, Brazilian artist, composer, singer

Eddie Gale, 78, American jazz trumpeter
Edna Wright, 76, American R&B singer
Ellis Marsalis Jr., 85, American jazz pianist
Eugene Wright, 97, American jazz bassist
Evaldo Gouveia, 91, Brazilian singer and songwriter

Frank Bey, 74, American blues singer
Frank Kimbrough, 64, American jazz pianist
Frederick C. Tillis, 90, American jazz saxophonist and composer
Freddy Cole, 88, American jazz singer and pianist

Gary Peacock, 85, American jazz double-bassist
Giuseppi Logan, 84, American jazz musician
Guitar Crusher, 89, American blues singer and guitarist

Harold Betters, 92, American jazz trombonist
Harold Rubin, 87, South African-born Israeli jazz clarinettist
Hal Singer, 100, American saxophonist
Henry Gray, 95, American Hall of Fame blues pianist and singer
Henry Grimes, 84, American jazz musician
Herman Green, 90, American jazz and blues saxophonist
Hugh Fraser, 62, Canadian jazz musician

Ira Sullivan, 89, American jazz trumpeter
Itaru Oki, 79, Japanese jazz trumpeter and flugelhornist

Jacques Pellen, 63, French jazz guitarist
Jeanie Lambe, 79, Scottish jazz singer
Jeff Clayton, 66, American jazz saxophonist
Jimmy Cobb, 91, American jazz drummer
Jimmy Heath, 93, American jazz saxophonist
Joey Giambra, 86, American jazz musician
Jon Christensen, 76, Norwegian jazz drummer
Joseph Morganfield, 56, American blues singer
Joseph Shabalala, 79, South African musician
Judy Dyble, 71, English singer-songwriter
Jymie Merritt, 93, American jazz bassist

Keith Tippett, 72, British jazz pianist
Kim Massie, 63, American blues singer

Larry Novak, 87, American jazz pianist
Lee Gates, 82, American blues guitarist, singer and songwriter
Lee Konitz, 92, American jazz composer and alto saxophonist
Lillian Offitt, 81, American blues and R&B singer
Little Richard, 87, American Hall of Fame rock and roll singer
Lucien Barbarin, 63, American jazz trombonist
Lucky Peterson, 55, American blues singer
Lyle Mays, 66, American jazz pianist and composer

Malibongwe Gcwabe, 55, South African gospel singer
Manu Dibango, 86, Cameroonian saxophonist
Marc Fosset, 71, French jazz guitarist
Martha Flores, 91, Cuban radio host, journalist and singer
McCoy Tyner, 81, American jazz pianist
Mike Longo, 83, American jazz pianist
Millie Small, 72, Jamaican singer
Moraes Moreira, 72, Brazilian guitarist and singer
Mory Kanté, 70, Guinean singer and kora player

Nana Tuffour, 66, Ghanaian highlife singer
Norman Amadio, 91, Canadian jazz pianist and bandleader

Othella Dallas, 95, American dancer and jazz singer

Peter Ecklund, 74, American jazz cornetist
Peter Green, 73, English Hall of Fame blues-rock singer-songwriter
Peter King, 80, English jazz saxophonist
Phil Broadhurst, 70, New Zealand jazz musician
Prince Kudakwashe Musarurwa, 31, Zimbabwean singer-songwriter

Reggie Johnson, 79, American jazz double-bassist
Riachão, 98, Brazilian samba composer and singer
Richie Cole, 72, American jazz saxophonist and composer
Robert Parker, 89, American R&B singer
Ron Mathewson, 76, Scottish jazz double bassist and bass guitarist
Ronn Matlock, 72, American singer
Robert Parker, 89, American R&B singer
Roy C, 81, American southern soul singer-songwriter
Ryo Kawasaki, 73, Japanese jazz fusion guitarist

Stanley Cowell, 79, American jazz pianist and co-founder of the Strata-East record label
Steve Grossman, 69, American jazz saxophonist

Tami Lynn, 77–78, American soul singer
Tito Rojas, 65, Puerto Rican salsa singer
Tony Allen, 79, Nigerian drummer
Toots Hibbert, 77, Jamaican singer-songwriter
Toshinori Kondo, 71, Japanese jazz trumpeter

Vanusa, 73, Brazilian singer
Víctor Cuica, 71, Venezuelan saxophonist
Vinicio Franco, 87, Dominican merengue singer

Willie Wright, 80, American soul singer
Will Theunissen, 65, Dutch jazz-rock guitarist
Wray Downes, 89, Canadian jazz pianist

Young Jessie, 83, American R&B singer

And as we say goodbye to 2020, let us reflect on some of the great music those we have lost this year gave us:

Memorial Tracklist:
Cándido Camero – Big Noise from Winnetka
Manu Dibango – New Bell
Richie Cole – New York Afternoon
Stanley Cowell – I’m Tryin’ To Find A Way
Mike Longo – Like A Thief In The Night
Ryo Kawasaki – Trinkets & Things
Edna Wright – Oops! Here I Go Again
Betty Wright – The Babysitter
Cleveland Eaton – All Your Love, All Day, All Night
Annie Ross (with Pony Poindexter & The Berlin All-Stars) – Moody’s Mood For Love
Peter King – Speed Trap
Lee Konitz – Native Land
Ira Sullivan – The Kingdom Within You
Eddie Gale – The Rain
Jimmy Heath – Gemini
Wolfgang Dauner – Free Fall
Itaru Oki (with Yuji Ohno & Kimiko Kasai) – Theme of the Unknown People
Steve Grossman – Moon Dance
Reggie Johnson (with the Booker Ervin Quartet) – Boo’s Blues
Keith Tippett – Green and Orange Night Park
Andy González (with Luis Perdomo) – Mind and Time
McCoy Tyner – Beyond The Sun
Gary Peacock – AE. AY.
Jon Christensen (with Jan Garbarek & Palle Danielsson) – Spiral Dance
Lyle Mays – Slink
Wallace Roney – Fela’s Shrine
Henry Grimes – Son Of Alfalfa
Jeff Clayton (with Henry Butler) – Fivin’ Around
Jymie Merritt (with Art Blakey & The Messengers) – Moanin