MASTA ‘Edge of Soul’ (Uni-Global) 4/5

mastaAn album that I sense may well have by-passed many, there is no date on the album but it sounds new – very new. My supplier sent me an email listing the album and this was nestling mid-way down the list. The name of Preston Glass as the producer got my attention big time too. Probably my most played album since it arrived in February, at times sounding so like the Delphonics, Stylistics in places, you know, those sugary sweet vocal groups from back in the day, yet on the excellent dancer “True Lies” he comes across as very R Kelly-ish, he possesses a very rich black soulful voice and on every track he leaves nothing behind, the ballads “Something”, “Gave” and “Pirate” are particular standouts. “Misconception” is a real grower, a subtle midtempo dancer which is so easy on the ear, the hook grabs you on your first play. I mentioned the dancer “True Lies”, I dropped it over at the Cambridge All-Dayer I attended in August and it packed the dance-floor, with everyone asking who it was.
The only downer is the fact it comes as a CDR and neither of my studio CD players will play it in its entirety, I had to use a stand alone ‘Bose’ player I have, I’ve contacted the label but got no reply, surprising really because the label makes some loud boasts about them bringing quality music to the masses, well I don’t think so, not in this flawed presentation, in 2015 it’s a strange way to present your project.

Brian Goucher